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A well balance water features that is completely maintained using Koi and Ponds simplified Pond Care Process

Pond Water Monitoring after a Deep Cleaning

During a major pond cleaning process, most times, existing pond filters are either upgraded or just cleaned thoroughly.  In addition, plants and/or ‘muck’ are removed from the bottom of the pond.  At times, some of this deep cleaning disrupts the natural Nitrification Cycle of a pond.  Using a few simple measuring tools and an excellent nitrifying bacteria, your pond can easily endure these cleanings without adverse effect to the ponds natural balance.

The pond supplies needed after a deep cleaning are two measurement tools - Koi & Pond Pond Monitor and Multiple Test strips.  Using these tools in conjunction with Koi & Pond Pond Magic will help ensure that your pond natural balance is quickly restored and/or rejuvenated after a deep cleaning.


Pond Monitor is a simple and easy tool that quickly monitors levels of ammonia in ponds and water gardens

Pond Monitor

Koi & Pond Pond Monitor makes monitoring your pond quick and easy.  The Pond Monitor will continuously measure the level of free ammonia in your pond.  The sensor at the center of the device will change colors based on the ammonia concentration detected.  As levels of ammonia are detected, the sensor will change from yellow which is zero ammonia to green, blue, and purple as the level of ammonia toxicity increases.  The response time for increasing ammonia levels is 15 minutes while decreasing levels of ammonia is approximated 3 to 4 hours.  The Pond Monitor detection life is one year.  Pond Monitor Placement:  Using the provided tie wrap or a string, connect the monitor face up just under the water level in a convenient viewing location; such as near a skimmer or where the fish are regularly feed.  In the event that your pond experiences an ammonia problem, please follow the directions in the ‘Water Testing – Why?’ documentation.


Multiple Test strips

Looking for an accurate and easy way to test your pond water? Now you can! With one easy dip, test the levels of:

  • pH: A proper pH level will prevent the harmful effects of water that is either too acidic or too alkaline.
  • Buffering Capacity: An adequate Buffering Capacity level prevents sudden pH changes that can harm fish and plants.
  • Nitrite: High levels of Nitrite can be dangerous to fish and cause rapid algae growth.
  • Nitrate: A proper Nitrate level will promote plant growth, while a higher level may lead to increased algae growth.




Pond Magic

Koi & Pond Pond Magic  is a specially engineered concentrated liquid slurry designed for the large pond.  Koi & Pond Pond Magic  is an all natural bacteria and enzyme based product designed to supplement a ponds nitrification cycle.  Koi & Pond Pond Magic  is a concentrated liquid suspension of pre-selected nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria families that control your ponds nitrification cycle. Koi & Pond Pond Magic  is fortified with several million all natural nitrifying bacteria that naturally consume the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates in your pond.  Koi & Pond Pond Magic  is 100% safe for fish and plants and comes with a 100% guarantee.


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