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Koi And Pond, Inc Site Map

Koi And Pond, Inc - Home Site

Read how Koi And Pond, Inc got started and why we are so successful with pond updating, pond cleaning, pond maintenance, pond repairs, pond consulting, green water or string algae solutions.  We have simplified Mother Nature's Pond Care Process with correct pond mechanics and our specially engineered pond products that carry a 100% money back guarantee.  Finally, view what our customer work are saying about us with their testimonials.



Koi And Pond, Inc - Catalog

View our pond supply products.  As always, we only sell that products that work for 99% of all ponds.  All of our products are completely natural and not harmful chemicals.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Preparation

View our pond preparation products that ready a pond for aquatic life.  While there are many pond preparation products on the open market, our products all have been specially engineered in house and have a 100% guarantee.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Testing

Our pond testing products are quick and easy to use, especially our own Pond Monitor.  This product has a pond life of one year and is unique in that you can quickly determine if your pond has an ammonia problem using it's unique color coded chart.  All that you have to do is observe the center of the Pond Monitor and if it is any color other than yellow - PANIC (for only a moment) - and then add Pond Magic to the pond per product instructions.  Again, this product has been a life saver for many fish on all of our maintenance ponds as well as our customer ponds.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Balance

Our pond balance product - Pond Magic is our best seller.  This product has been specially engineered to provide the essential nitrifying bacteria that Mother Nature has determined that all ponds need.  If, by chance, that the ammonia level of your pond is too high, this product will quickly take care of this problem.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Solutions

Our pond solutions for green water, string algae, and murky water is another best seller. Koi And Pond SA Killer (String Algae Killer) is a completely natural organic product that will quickly eliminate excessive aquatic debris accumulating in your pond. SA Killer (String Algae Killer) reduces sludge and unpleasant orders created from waste products in ornamental ponds. SA Killer (String Algae Killer) improves water clarity, seeds your bio filter with billions of beneficial micros that keep your pond and fish healthy.  SA Killer (String Algae Killer) will not harm plants and fish.  In addition, we have other pond solution products that aid in pond clarity.



Koi And Pond, Inc - Koi & Gold Fish Food

Over the years, we had developed an incredibility healthy food for our prized possessions.  Our Superior Koi Food is not only is a premium food that contains the necessary vitamins for growth, spirlina for color, but it provides an immune stimulant to help boost our Koi immune system through out the spring, summer, and fall months.  With a healthy immune system, your Koi are at their best to fight off the aeromonas and other common Koi ailments.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Testimonials

Many new customers call for help with their pond and ask ... why should we work with you?  The answer is very simple - experience level.  We visit over 50 ponds a month - 12 months in the year.  We have seen it all.  We know what works whether it is product, equipment, or cleaning methods.  In addition, we are honest, reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and we will do our best to help you bring out the best in your pond at the least cost and on going maintenance.  Our work speaks for it's self, however, our client testimonials say even more.



Koi And Pond, Inc - Sick Koi Chart

Koi and Pond enthusiast, over the years we have chatted with many customers regarding sick koi and sick ponds.  Unfortunately, there are not many local Koi or fish vets that can help us with sick Koi.  Therefore, we typically must treat the entire pond versus an individual fish.  What we have found in this business is regardless of the symptoms, there are a few broad base actions that seem to work well.  These actions are deep water changes, medicated food, treat with a broad base medicine per specific illness, and keep a .01% or better salt level in the pond.  Below are the most common symptoms, possible causes, and initial treatments that we have encountered in our travels.  Use this as only a guide and remember... ALL PONDS ARE DIFFERENT AND INDIVIDUAL DIAGNOSTIC OF SYMPTOMS MAY BE CORRECT OR INCORRECT.  PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION!


Koi And Pond, Inc - Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.  If we miss your call, we will promptly call you back as soon as possible.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Problem Solver

Koi and pond enthusiast, we are in a unique position to help you solve your Koi Pond and water garden problems.  Each and every month, we visit 50 to 100 ponds.  We have personally witnessed at least 99.9% of all pond problems in many different type of ponds.  While each pond is unique per it's individual environment, we have developed a few tricks and techniques that help our Koi pond customers.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Algae Info

Koi and Pond Enthusiast - 99% of all ponds have a string algae problem.  Many pond supply dealers recommend chemicals to solve this issue.  While the product does eliminate the string algae, it also kills the pond bio mass that is so essential to a healthy pond. Please read the ingredients of the product before you purchase it.  If the product label indicates that the pond must have vigorous aeration to avoid fish loss and the main ingredient is poly blah blah blah, watch out!  This product is a chemical that is used in swimming pools to eliminate algae. Do not use. As demonstrated here in Sonoma County as well as across the United States, our product SA Killer (String Algae Killer) is the proven product that solves any ponds string algae problems. 


For a deeper understanding of the indicates of algae, I have a few articles on pond algae. The source of these articles are from Irrigation and Green Magazine, September 2006, www.igin.com which I subscribe to electronically.  I know that you will find these very informative.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Disasters

Koi and pond enthusiast, as I have mentioned in previous web pages, we are in a unique position to help solve Koi Pond and water garden problems.  Not only do our service technicians see a lot of events that happen to ponds, we also receive distress calls for help when something goes wrong with the pond.  Following is a list of events that frantic Koi pond owners have called us with.  Hopefully, by sharing these it will help other pond owners.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Presentation

Below is a presentation that Koi & Pond, Inc gives twice a year during the Santa Rosa Home & Garden Show.  The goal of this presentation is to inform the current or potential pond owner of the many design issues that need to be addressed prior to picking up the shovel.  Note:  I apologize that the presentation did not convert well to a web page.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Water Testing Why?

We at Koi & Pond firmly believe that proactive pond water testing is the answer to prevent stressful situations that may harm or kill our gold fish or koi.  The 3 most important measurements are for Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Pond Watch After Deep Cleaning 

During a major pond cleaning process, most times, existing pond filters are either upgraded or just cleaned thoroughly.  In addition, plants and/or ‘muck’ are removed from the bottom of the pond.  At times, some of this deep cleaning disrupts the natural Nitrification Cycle of a pond.  Using a few simple measuring tools and an excellent nitrifying bacteria, your pond can easily endure these cleanings without adverse effect to the ponds natural balance.


Koi And Pond, Inc - Related Resources

The following links are to sites that are local to Sonoma County, Ca which are resources to the Koi and Pond industry.  Please enjoy them as we do.



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